Crazy Writer Friends

Writers have got to be some of the craziest people (delightfully crazy) to be friends with! I’m blessed (yes, I mean that) with around a dozen or more crazy writer friends, most of whom I congregate with on a regular basis. I’ve been a part of some weirdest conversations–you just don’t know! Maybe it’s just my friends, but somehow, I doubt it. Really, I do. One because I’m weird myself. As more than one of them like to point out. Laughter helps build your immune system and keeps you young–it’s true. I swear, I’m going to be hobbling around at 200 years old with the amount of laughter I share with this lovely group of crazies I call friends!
The conversations alone–oh my gosh! It helps that I had a few delightfully crazy friends growing up for it prepared me (some) for this. (I’m thinking of you, Niki!) Now, I keep saying delightfully crazy because I mean it. It’s pure delight, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! But man, these people are weird, which is the pot calling the kettle black since I’m every bit as weird as they are. This is why we get along. I’m their brand of weird, and they’re mine!
With some of my writer friends, we talk spoofs and listen to spoofs of songs. My one friend is a heck of a teaser! If he doesn’t tease you, if he’s overly nice to you, he doesn’t like you. So it’s a compliment when he insults you! I have a couple friends like this, actually. I have a friend who’s a Hobbit. Okay, so she’s short, but she calls herself a Hobbit. If she reads this blog, this won’t insult her in the least. We have nicknames for each other. Actually, they’re nicknames given to all of us by my teasing friend, the one I mentioned before. I’ve gotten a couple of them–Beckasaurus springs to mind. If that’s not weird, I don’t know what weird is!
Some of my other writerly friends–now, here’s a weird bunch! The conversations! We’ll talk about anything like the psychoanalysis of cartoon characters, dragons, and guacamole. We’re a group made up of creatures–I can’t get into what we are. *whispers* It’s a secret! Honestly, I’m rather amazed we’ve yet to be thrown out of the IHOP, but I think it’s because they really like us! Seriously, we’ve been known to get up in the middle of the restaurant and dance the Macarena and the Electric Slide! I’m not lying. They must like us a lot. We have a name–we’re the Yoshi Dragons! And we may yet get our placard at the restaurant. The Inklings have a placard at the Bird and Baby pub where they met, and we figure we should have a placard too for the Yoshi’s! We sing, dance, and talk up a storm. As you might imagine, we get little actual writing talked about!
Oh, I love these people! Delightfully crazy and weird. I’m glad I know them!

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